Who do I help?

For many years I have been able to support the development of children and youth with various deficits and developmental disorders. In my work as an educationalist and therapist, I encountered problems connected with early and correct diagnosis and, thus, with implementation of optimal support methods for children and youth development. Read more...
Specific difficulties

Specific difficulties

Specific difficulties The basis for diagnosis of developmental dyslexia can be the definition published in 1994 by the International Orton Dyslexia Society (USA)...

Pervasive developmental disorders

Pervasive developmental disorders

is a group of congenital disorders in the area of motor skills, communication, language and perception. Diseases included in pervasive developmental disorders...

Early support

Early support

Activation and stimulation of motor, cognitive, emotional and social development of the child from the moment of disability diagnosis...

Conduct disorders

Conduct disorders

A child behaving in the socially unacceptable manner can be seen as rowdy and poorly brought up, but they can also be treated...

Janusz Korczak

A few words on IQ Academy and therapy

What is therapy? The term of therapy, assumptions, principles of guidance and directions of interventions.

Therapy - “terapera” in Greek, i.e. treatment.

Therapy - type, form of aid provided to a patient, aiming to eliminate all ailments.

Therapy - system of actions applied not only towards ill people, but also persons with any type of disorders, deficits.

The subject of therapy in IQ Academy is always the person, often a child. Educational therapy is specialised help provided to a child in overcoming developmental disorders, difficulties in learning and behaving. The object of therapeutic intervention is the patient and their environment. Educational therapy consists in interventions with educational-didactic and upbringing measures in disordered fields. Educational therapy triggers intended positive changes in patient in the psycho-educational area.
A good therapist aims to achieve the intended goals formulated in the individually prepared program. The therapist’s task is to take care of comprehensive child development and protect them from things that can be detrimental to them.
In educational therapy it is extremely important that a therapist can show interest in the patient and create the atmosphere of kindness, trust and safety during sessions in addition to the ability to diagnose psycho-somatic development and correctly select treatment methods. In child therapy process, it is also significant that sessions are conducted in the form of play.


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