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FORBRAIN earphones

FORBRAIN earphones are designed by a start-up SOUND FOR LIFE Ltd. with seat in Hong Kong, specialising in design of new technological solutions for development of cognitive skills.
What are cognitive skills? It is a set of mental abilities and processes of sensory-motoric integration which allow to process a given information, perform a task or conduct reasoning.

Cognitive skills means efficient brain operation necessary for performance of all tasks, from the most simple ones to those more complex. They are related to the mechanisms of learning, memory, reasoning, concluding and attention.

Forbrain is a device protected with a patent, equipped with a dynamic filter. This filter was developed in such a manner so that it turns on automatically at word initial position and at long vowels. They are basic sounds for speech construction since they specify the rhythm and prosody of the task as well as allow to understand its sense. Contributing to transfer of sounds through vibrations of cranial bones, Forbrain enhances the voice corrected in this manner and delivers intensive stimulation to the nervous system. The bone conduction allows for better listening to oneself, nevertheless, the transferred voice message must be of high quality. Here, a dynamic filter plays the basic role - we can hear our voice appropriately filtered and subject to modulation according to specific criteria. The filter, most of all, affects the initial position of uttered words or long vowels. It is all about the sounds which are called “bright sounds” and are very intensively involved in building speech. With a very sensitive, dynamic filter, we can the our voice which is already corrected. In the scope of our feedback reaction, we spontaneously and unconsciously correct our “vocal gesture”, i.e. the sound produced in reaction to the heard message. The voice becomes more rhythmic and harmonious, has more beautiful timbre. In addition, the filter’s role is to enhance high and, at the same time, muffling low frequencies. It was proved that high sounds deliver energy to the network of nerve fibres which plays a very important role in the brain stimulation. Thus, contributing to transfer of high harmonic components. It is worth to know that each ear has basic importance for the ability to control movements, balance and spatial orientation. The organ called the vestibule  is responsible for these tasks since, according to its name, it is the gate to the brain. Forbrain, directly impacting and stimulating this body, contributes to the development of small motor activity which, in turn, is of high importance for the transfer of information itself and writing. Contributing to hearing, Forbrain directly impacts the mechanisms of balance involved in each form of learning.

To a large extent, it improves:

1. Attention

The ability to focus attention is a general state of attentiveness which makes the nervous system ready to receive all information which are received by it. The brain needs mainly stimuli in order to function correctly. Do you know that over 80% of these factors are delivered by the ear? It is not important whether we are alert or asleep - the ear continuously bombards our brain with different stimuli. As early as in the fourth month of pregnancy, the ear is the first fully functional organ of the foetus. In addition, the ear is used only for sound reception, but also decides on the maintenance of balance, rhythm and coordination.
Forbrain positively influences the brain activity, contributing to transfer of high frequencies of human voice. These qualities play a very important energising role since such sounds excite the decisive majority of sensory hearing cells which stimulate the brain. In addition, when hearing is disturbed, the brain does not pay attention to sounds transmitted by the ear. Forbrain earphones can help the brain in the development of automatic mechanisms of change detection which result in the attention improvement. Better functioning of attention mechanisms also has a very positive impact on: concentration, dynamism, self confidence.

2. Speech

Speech is a complex sequence of articulated sounds uttered in a certain, specific rhythm which results from the frequency and time of produced sound as well as its intensity. The language rhythm is indicated by tonal accents in the initial position of words as well as long vowels. Speaking is possible due to the ability of conscious use of sounds, requiring continuous feedback between produced sounds and what is received by the ear, mainly through a bone route. This ability is called phonological awareness. It consists in continuous transfer from the produced sound to the sound received and the other way round. The brain is programmed in such a manner that it adjusts the produced signal to the received one. It happens that the auditory-vocal feedback is disrupted. This is what happens in the case of stress - timbre significantly changes since the brain incorrectly analyses the received message. Forbrain earphones enhance basic speech sounds and contribute to their receipt through a bone route, positively impacting the speech and communication.

The improved level of communication results from the work on each of its aspects: diction and pronunciation, auditory discrimination, utterance fluency, rhythm and melody.

3. Verbal memory

The verbal memory plays a basic role in all learning processes: Mainly, the short-term and phonological memory allows for storing verbal information with the purpose of subjecting it to quick analysis. The verbal memory goes beyond the scope of speech since it is also strongly involved in reading and thought processes, i.e. these which enable us to read the text and understand its meaning as well as give it a proper rhythm, adjusted to punctuation. The verbal memory also allows for conversing and reasoning. It is connected with the articulatory awareness of the utterance, that is, the attention focused on the send and received message. The Forbrain filter highlights the speech rhythm and the bone conduction facilitates its acquisition with the purpose of better memorisation of the information. The memory is of decisive importance in the learning process, so the use of Forbrain earphones has a positive impact on: working memory, reading skills, ability to learn.